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Yes, you CAN manage your dog's arthritis!

Movement is a critical component to arthritis management.  But how do you do that when moving hurts? 

Treatments with our advanced Class 4 Laser administered at the beginning of every session helps to manage pain, inflammation and stiffness associated with arthritis and reduced activity. Through hands on personal sessions you will learn techniques and strategies that you can use to improve mobility and  promote senior health.

The program consists of a one hour first session and five 30 minute follow-up sessions which are typically once or twice per week.

If your goals are for your dog to continue to enjoy their favorite activities, keep them independent and being comfortable, then we are thrilled to tell you that you can make a difference!

Let us meet your sweet senior side kick and help you give them the gift of movement.

Veterinarian's referral

Please note, we do require a Veterinarian’s referral prior to any treatment or exercise to ensure your dog is healthy enough to participate. 

If you have recently seen your Veterinarian you may not need an appointment specifically to obtain one. This is entirely dependent on your Veterinarian's policies and comfort level. Please be respectful of their protocols, your dog's best interest is their priority! 

We are happy to forward a referral request to your Veterinarian on your behalf.

Available at the following locations

Progressive K9 New location is in the works! 

Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital

6002 Owen Road
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1M8


Please note home visits are currently suspended due to Covid-19

Home visits may be arranged with a Veterinary referral. Availability is subject to your location.

Please contact us for pricing

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